Old Product New Brand

Silver Swan Company:
Founded in 1942, Silver Swan Soy Sauce has been one of the leading soy sauce brands in the South East Asia since the mid twentieth century. Their popularity peaked in 2003 when the company was awarded numerous awards such as the: Outstanding Soy Sauce Brand, People’s Choice Award. Soon after this, however, competitors took market share away from Silver Swan.

Silver Swan Soy Sauce is still viewed as a superior soy sauce due to its limited use of preservatives, artificial colouring and overall taste. Therefore, since the look of the brand has not changed since 1965, it is possible that the look of the company and packaging has been the reason for some of the decline in popularity. The solution to increase market share is to update the Silver Swan packaging for it to reflect the high quality item that it is.

Target Audience:
– females
– ages: 30 – 35
– traditional
– upper & upper middle class
– South East Asian housewives
– purchase top name brand quality products eg. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc…
– take pride in showing off the products in the home
– despite money to hire help to cook meals; prefer to do it themselves.
– will likely buy products that is deemed to be of good quality but will also be aesthetically pleasing.